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District Profiles
Summary results of the 2011 Population Census for major housing estates are presented in the form of fact sheets. A major housing estate refers to a group of residential buildings developed by the same developer   (either in the public sector or in the private sector)   in one or more phases in a neighbourhood and with at least 3 000 residents or 1 000 domestic households in 2011.

To view the individual fact sheets, first select the District Council district in which the major housing estate is located and then the estate name. Alternatively, you may enter the estate name for searching.

District Council District Major Housing Estates
Central and WesternKwun Lung Lau
Central and WesternQueen's Terrace
Central and WesternThe Belcher's
Central and WesternThe Merton
EasternChai Wan Estate
EasternFung Wah Estate
EasternHing Man Estate
EasternHing Tung Estate
EasternHing Wah (I) Estate
EasternHing Wah (II) Estate
EasternOi Tung Estate
EasternSiu Sai Wan Estate
EasternTsui Wan Estate
EasternWan Tsui Estate
EasternYiu Tung Estate
EasternYue Wan Estate
EasternAldrich Garden
EasternCheerful Garden
EasternFullview Garden
EasternGreenwood Terrace
EasternHarmony Garden
EasternKai Tsui Court
EasternKornhill Gardens
EasternLok Hin Terrace
EasternTung Chun Court
EasternTung Hei Court
EasternTung Tao Court
EasternTung Yan Court
EasternTung Yuk Court
EasternHealthy Village
EasternLai Tak Tsuen
EasternMing Wah Dai Ha
EasternBedford Gardens
EasternBraemar Hill Mansion
EasternCity Garden
EasternGrand Promenade
EasternHeng Fa Chuen
EasternIsland Resort
EasternLei King Wan
EasternMetropole Building
EasternMount Parker Lodge
EasternNan Fung Sun Chuen
EasternNew Jade Garden
EasternProvident Centre
EasternTaikoo Shing
EasternTai On Building
SouthernAp Lei Chau Estate
SouthernLei Tung Estate
SouthernMa Hang Estate
SouthernShek Pai Wan Estate
SouthernTin Wan Estate
SouthernWah Fu (I) Estate
SouthernWah Fu (II) Estate
SouthernWah Kwai Estate
SouthernBroadview Court
SouthernKa Lung Court
SouthernSouth Wave Court
SouthernYue Fai Court
SouthernYue On Court
SouthernAberdeen Centre
SouthernBaguio Villa
SouthernChi Fu Fa Yuen
SouthernHong Kong Parkview
SouthernPok Fu Lam Gardens
SouthernSouth Horizons
Sham Shui PoChak On Estate
Sham Shui PoFortune Estate
Sham Shui PoFu Cheong Estate
Sham Shui PoHoi Lai Estate
Sham Shui PoLai Kok Estate
Sham Shui PoLai On Estate
Sham Shui PoLei Cheng Uk Estate
Sham Shui PoNam Cheong Estate
Sham Shui PoNam Shan Estate
Sham Shui PoPak Tin Estate
Sham Shui PoShek Kip Mei Estate
Sham Shui PoTai Hang Tung Estate
Sham Shui PoUn Chau Estate
Sham Shui PoAqua Marine
Sham Shui PoBanyan Garden
Sham Shui PoLiberte
Sham Shui PoManhattan Hill
Sham Shui PoMei Foo Sun Chuen
Sham Shui PoParc Oasis
Sham Shui PoTai Hang Sai Estate
Sham Shui PoThe Pacifica
Kowloon CityHo Man Tin Estate
Kowloon CityHung Hom Estate
Kowloon CityMa Tau Wai Estate
Kowloon CityOi Man Estate
Kowloon CityChun Man Court
Kowloon CityChun Seen Mei Chuen
Kowloon CityKa Wai Chuen
Kowloon CityLok Man Sun Chuen
Kowloon CityGrand Waterfront
Kowloon CityHarbour Place
Kowloon CityJubilant Place
Kowloon CityLaguna Verde
Kowloon CityOn Wo Yuen
Kowloon CityRoyal Peninsula
Kowloon CitySky Tower
Kowloon CityWhampoa Estate
Kowloon CityWhampoa Gardens
Kowloon CityWyler Gardens
Wong Tai SinChoi Fai Estate
Wong Tai SinChoi Hung Estate
Wong Tai SinChoi Wan (I) Estate
Wong Tai SinChoi Wan (II) Estate
Wong Tai SinChuk Yuen (North) Estate
Wong Tai SinChuk Yuen (South) Estate
Wong Tai SinFu Shan Estate
Wong Tai SinFung Tak Estate
Wong Tai SinLok Fu Estate
Wong Tai SinLower Wong Tai Sin (I) Estate
Wong Tai SinLower Wong Tai Sin (II) Estate
Wong Tai SinMei Tung Estate
Wong Tai SinTsz Ching Estate
Wong Tai SinTsz Hong Estate
Wong Tai SinTsz Lok Estate
Wong Tai SinTsz Man Estate
Wong Tai SinTung Tau (II) Estate
Wong Tai SinUpper Wong Tai Sin Estate
Wong Tai SinWang Tau Hom Estate
Wong Tai SinFu Keung Court
Wong Tai SinGrand View Garden
Wong Tai SinKing Shan Court
Wong Tai SinKingsford Terrace
Wong Tai SinLung Poon Court
Wong Tai SinRhythm Garden
Wong Tai SinTin Ma Court
Wong Tai SinTsui Chuk Garden
Wong Tai SinTsz Oi Court
Wong Tai SinTsz On Court
Wong Tai SinKai Tak Garden
Wong Tai SinGalaxia
Kwun TongChoi Fook Estate
Kwun TongChoi Ha Estate
Kwun TongChoi Tak Estate
Kwun TongChoi Ying Estate
Kwun TongHing Tin Estate
Kwun TongKai Tin Estate
Kwun TongKai Yip Estate
Kwun TongKo Cheung Court
Kwun TongKo Yee Estate
Kwun TongKwong Tin Estate
Kwun TongLam Tin Estate
Kwun TongLei Yue Mun Estate
Kwun TongLok Wah (North) Estate
Kwun TongLok Wah (South) Estate
Kwun TongOn Tin Estate
Kwun TongPing Shek Estate
Kwun TongPing Tin Estate
Kwun TongPo Tat Estate
Kwun TongSau Mau Ping Estate
Kwun TongSau Mau Ping South Estate
Kwun TongShun Lee Estate
Kwun TongShun On Estate
Kwun TongShun Tin Estate
Kwun TongTak Tin Estate
Kwun TongTsui Ping (North) Estate
Kwun TongTsui Ping (South) Estate
Kwun TongUpper Ngau Tau Kok Estate
Kwun TongWo Lok Estate
Kwun TongYau Lai Estate
Kwun TongYau Tong Estate
Kwun TongCheung Wo Court
Kwun TongHiu Lai Court
Kwun TongHong Nga Court
Kwun TongHong Pak Court
Kwun TongHong Wah Court
Kwun TongHong Yat Court
Kwun TongKo Chun Court
Kwun TongLei On Court
Kwun TongLok Nga Court
Kwun TongPo Pui Court
Kwun TongRichland Gardens
Kwun TongShun Chi Court
Kwun TongYau Chui Court
Kwun TongKwun Tong Garden Estate
Kwun TongAmoy Gardens
Kwun TongLaguna City
Kwun TongSceneway Garden
Kwun TongTak Bo Garden
Kwun TongTelford Gardens
Yau Tsim MongHoi Fu Court
Yau Tsim MongCharming Garden
Yau Tsim MongCentral Park
Yau Tsim MongCosmopolitan Estate
Yau Tsim MongHarbour Green
Yau Tsim MongIsland Harbourview
Yau Tsim MongMetro Harbour View
Yau Tsim MongPark Avenue
Yau Tsim MongProsperous Garden
Yau Tsim MongSorrento
Yau Tsim MongThe Waterfront
Kwai TsingCheung Ching Estate
Kwai TsingCheung Fat Estate
Kwai TsingCheung Hang Estate
Kwai TsingCheung Hong Estate
Kwai TsingCheung On Estate
Kwai TsingCheung Wang Estate
Kwai TsingHigh Prosperity Terrace
Kwai TsingKwai Chung Estate
Kwai TsingKwai Fong Estate
Kwai TsingKwai Hing Estate
Kwai TsingKwai Shing East Estate
Kwai TsingKwai Shing West Estate
Kwai TsingLai King Estate
Kwai TsingLai Yiu Estate
Kwai TsingOn Yam Estate
Kwai TsingShek Lei (I) Estate
Kwai TsingShek Lei (II) Estate
Kwai TsingShek Yam East Estate
Kwai TsingShek Yam Estate
Kwai TsingTai Wo Hau Estate
Kwai TsingTsing Yi Estate
Kwai TsingWah Lai Estate
Kwai TsingChing Tai Court
Kwai TsingChing Wah Court
Kwai TsingKwai Chun Court
Kwai TsingLai Yan Court
Kwai TsingNing Fung Court
Kwai TsingCho Yiu Chuen
Kwai TsingBroadview Garden
Kwai TsingHighland Park
Kwai TsingTivoli Garden
Kwai TsingGrand Horizon
Kwai TsingGreenfield Garden
Kwai TsingMayfair Gardens
Kwai TsingNew Kwai Fong Gardens
Kwai TsingRambler Crest
Kwai TsingTierra Verde
Kwai TsingTsing Yi Garden
Kwai TsingVilla Esplanada
Kwai TsingWonderland Villas
Tsuen WanCheung Shan Estate
Tsuen WanFuk Loi Estate
Tsuen WanLei Muk Shue (I) Estate
Tsuen WanLei Muk Shue (II) Estate
Tsuen WanLei Muk Shue Estate
Tsuen WanShek Wai Kok Estate
Tsuen WanClague Garden Estate
Tsuen WanAllway Gardens
Tsuen WanBayview Garden
Tsuen WanBellagio
Tsuen WanBelvedere Garden
Tsuen WanChelsea Court
Tsuen WanDiscovery Park
Tsuen WanHong Kong Garden
Tsuen WanLido Garden
Tsuen WanLuk Yeung Sun Chuen
Tsuen WanPark Island
Tsuen WanRhine Garden
Tsuen WanRiviera Gardens
Tsuen WanSea Crest Villa
Tsuen WanSummit Terrace
Tsuen WanTsuen King Garden
Tsuen WanTsuen Tak Gardens
Tsuen WanTsuen Wan Centre
Tsuen WanVision City
Tuen MunButterfly Estate
Tuen MunFu Tai Estate
Tuen MunKin Sang Estate
Tuen MunLeung King Estate
Tuen MunOn Ting Estate
Tuen MunPo Tin Estate
Tuen MunSam Shing Estate
Tuen MunShan King Estate
Tuen MunTai Hing Estate
Tuen MunTin King Estate
Tuen MunWu King Estate
Tuen MunYau Oi Estate
Tuen MunAffluence Garden
Tuen MunChi Lok Fa Yuen
Tuen MunGlorious Garden
Tuen MunLung Mun Oasis
Tuen MunMelody Garden
Tuen MunPrime View Garden
Tuen MunSan Wai Court
Tuen MunSiu Hei Court
Tuen MunSiu Hin Court
Tuen MunSiu Hong Court
Tuen MunSiu Kwai Court
Tuen MunSiu Lun Court
Tuen MunSiu On Court
Tuen MunSiu Shan Court
Tuen MunTsui Ning Garden
Tuen MunYuet Wu Villa
Tuen MunKingston Terrace
Tuen MunAegean Coast
Tuen MunChelsea Heights
Tuen MunGoodview Garden
Tuen MunHanford Garden
Tuen MunHong Kong Gold Coast
Tuen MunMiami Beach Towers
Tuen MunNerine Cove
Tuen MunParkland Villas
Tuen MunPierhead Garden
Tuen MunSun Tuen Mun Centre
Tuen MunTai Hing Gardens
Tuen MunThe Sherwood
Tuen MunTuen Mun Town Plaza
Tuen MunWaldorf Garden
Yuen LongGrandeur Terrace
Yuen LongLong Ping Estate
Yuen LongShui Pin Wai Estate
Yuen LongTin Chak Estate
Yuen LongTin Ching Estate
Yuen LongTin Heng Estate
Yuen LongTin Shui (I) Estate
Yuen LongTin Shui (II) Estate
Yuen LongTin Tsz Estate
Yuen LongTin Wah Estate
Yuen LongTin Yan Estate
Yuen LongTin Yat Estate
Yuen LongTin Yiu (I) Estate
Yuen LongTin Yiu (II) Estate
Yuen LongTin Yuet Estate
Yuen LongTin Chung Court
Yuen LongTin Fu Court
Yuen LongTin Oi Court
Yuen LongTin Shing Court
Yuen LongTin Yau Court
Yuen LongCentral Park Towers
Yuen LongFairview Park
Yuen LongGrand Del Sol
Yuen LongKingswood Villas
Yuen LongSereno Verde
Yuen LongSun Yuen Long Centre
Yuen LongThe Parcville
Yuen LongVianni Cove
Yuen LongYoho Midtown
Yuen LongYoho Town
NorthCheung Wah Estate
NorthChing Ho Estate
NorthChoi Yuen Estate
NorthKa Fuk Estate
NorthTai Ping Estate
NorthTin Ping Estate
NorthWah Ming Estate
NorthWah Sum Estate
NorthYung Shing Court
NorthCheong Shing Court
NorthChoi Po Court
NorthKa Shing Court
NorthKing Shing Court
NorthTsui Lai Garden
NorthWing Fai Centre
NorthWing Fok Centre
NorthYan Shing Court
NorthYuk Po Court
NorthAvon Park
NorthBelair Monte
NorthDawning Views
NorthFanling Centre
NorthFanling Town Center
NorthFlora Plaza
Tai PoFu Heng Estate
Tai PoFu Shin Estate
Tai PoKwong Fuk Estate
Tai PoTai Wo Estate
Tai PoTai Yuen Estate
Tai PoWan Tau Tong Estate
Tai PoChung Nga Court
Tai PoElegance Garden
Tai PoMing Nga Court
Tai PoPo Nga Court
Tai PoSun Hing Garden
Tai PoTai Po Plaza
Tai PoWang Fuk Court
Tai PoYat Nga Court
Tai PoYee Nga Court
Tai PoHong Lok Yuen
Tai PoParc Versailles
Tai PoSerenity Park
Tai PoSymphony Bay
Tai PoTai Po Centre
Tai PoUptown Plaza
Sha TinChun Shek Estate
Sha TinChung On Estate
Sha TinHeng On Estate
Sha TinHin Keng Estate
Sha TinKwong Yuen Estate
Sha TinLee On Estate
Sha TinLek Yuen Estate
Sha TinLung Hang Estate
Sha TinMei Lam Estate
Sha TinMei Tin Estate
Sha TinPok Hong Estate
Sha TinSha Kok Estate
Sha TinShek Mun Estate
Sha TinSun Chui Estate
Sha TinSun Tin Wai Estate
Sha TinWo Che Estate
Sha TinYiu On Estate
Sha TinCarado Garden
Sha TinChevalier Garden
Sha TinFung Shing Court
Sha TinHong Lam Court
Sha TinKa Tin Court
Sha TinKam Fung Court
Sha TinKam Hay Court
Sha TinKam Lung Court
Sha TinKam On Court
Sha TinKam Tai Court
Sha TinKam Ying Court
Sha TinKing Tin Court
Sha TinKwong Lam Court
Sha TinMay Shing Court
Sha TinMei Chung Court
Sha TinSaddle Ridge Garden
Sha TinSui Wo Court
Sha TinYu Chui Court
Sha TinYue Tin Court
Sha TinJat Min Chuen
Sha TinBelair Gardens
Sha TinCastello
Sha TinCity One Shatin
Sha TinGarden Rivera
Sha TinGarden Vista
Sha TinGolden Lion Garden Phase (I)
Sha TinGolden Lion Garden Phase (II)
Sha TinJubilee Garden
Sha TinLake Silver
Sha TinLucky Plaza
Sha TinMonte Vista
Sha TinMountain Shore
Sha TinPictorial Garden
Sha TinRavana Garden
Sha TinRoyal Ascot
Sha TinSha Tin Centre
Sha TinShatin Park
Sha TinSunshine City
Sha TinThe Palazzo
Sha TinVilla Athena
Sha TinVista Paradiso
Sai KungHau Tak Estate
Sai KungKin Ming Estate
Sai KungKing Lam Estate
Sai KungMing Tak Estate
Sai KungPo Lam Estate
Sai KungSheung Tak Estate
Sai KungTsui Lam Estate
Sai KungBauhinia Garden
Sai KungBeverly Garden
Sai KungChoi Ming Court
Sai KungChung Ming Court
Sai KungFu Ning Garden
Sai KungHong Sing Garden
Sai KungKing Ming Court
Sai KungKwong Ming Court
Sai KungOn Ning Garden
Sai KungPo Ming Court
Sai KungTong Ming Court
Sai KungWo Ming Court
Sai KungYan Ming Court
Sai KungYing Ming Court
Sai KungYu Ming Court
Sai KungYuk Ming Court
Sai KungThe Pinnacle
Sai KungVerbena Heights
Sai KungEast Point City
Sai KungLa Cite Noble
Sai KungLohas Park
Sai KungMetro City
Sai KungMetro Town / Le Point
Sai KungNan Fung Plaza
Sai KungOcean Shores
Sai KungOscar By The Sea
Sai KungPark Central
Sai KungResidence Oasis
Sai KungSerenity Place
Sai KungThe Grandiose
Sai KungThe Metropolis
Sai KungTseung Kwan O Plaza
Sai KungWell On Garden
IslandsFu Tung Estate
IslandsYat Tung (I) Estate
IslandsYat Tung (II) Estate
IslandsYu Tung Court
IslandsCaribbean Coast
IslandsCoastal Skyline
IslandsDiscovery Bay
IslandsSeaview Crescent
IslandsTung Chung Crescent
Last revision date: 18 December 2017