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23 July 2011

Latest Work Arrangements for Census Officers in the 2011 Population Census

The face-to-face interview operation of the 2011 Population Census has commenced since July 16.

The Commissioner for Census and Statistics, Mr Fung Hing-wang, said today (July 23), "Since the commencement of the field operation of the Population Census, progress has been satisfactory. The first round of visits to households is near completion, and a portion of the households have their interviews completed. Our census officers will continue to pay visits to the remaining households, and follow up with households which have not been successfully contacted so far.

"We fully understand the public's concern about the personal safety of census officers, and taking into account the satisfactory fieldwork progress, the Census and Statistics Department (C&SD) has arranged with immediate effect (i.e. July 23) for all census officers to visit and interview households in pairs, instead of applying the arrangements to designated areas only. The latest arrangements will further safeguard the personal safety of our census officers and will not affect the progress of the Population Census.

"C&SD cares much about the personal safety of census officers in conducting the Population Census. The department will maintain close liaison with the Hong Kong Police Force and relevant government departments to ensure the personal safety of census officers, and will continuously review and enhance the safety measures as and when necessary."

Taking this opportunity, Mr Fung appealed to households, "We appreciate that some households have the habit of keeping pets like dogs and cats. In view of the fact that during the Population Census period, there had been incidents in which census officers were threatened and bitten by dogs, we hope that households will properly look after their pets when census officers visit them. This will facilitate our census officers to complete the interviews smoothly and avoid accidents."

He again appealed for public support to the 2011 Population Census. "The up-to-date benchmark information collected on the demographic and socio-economic characteristics of the population and on its geographical distribution, is vital to the Government in planning and policy formulation, and to the private sector for business and research purposes," he said.

"Those households which have not yet completed the questionnaires may make an appointment for an interview with our census officers online ( or by calling the Telephone Enquiry Centre (2153 2011). Moreover, we would like to appeal to all households for their co-operation with our census officers in providing accurate information, and rendering them any necessary assistance," he added.


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