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6 July 2011

Registration period for e-Questionnaire of the 2011 Population Census extended

The Census and Statistics Department (C&SD) announced today (July 6) that the registration period for using the e-Questionnaire of the 2011 Population Census (the Census) will be extended to July 15 from July 7.

A spokesman for the C&SD said, "Since the launch of the e-Questionnaire system on June 30, the response has been very encouraging. Up to 1am today, about 180 000 households had provided the required information for the Census through the e-Questionnaire. The extension of the registration period aims to encourage more households to use the e-Questionnaire.

"Households that have registered to use the e-Questionnaire should submit the completed questionnaire online on or before July 24," the spokesman added.

The e-Questionnaire system will cease operation on July 25. In case households which have registered for the use of e-Questionnaire have not submitted the completed questionnaire by then, the C&SD will arrange for census officers to contact them by phone or visit them to collect the required information on or before the end of the census period (i.e. August 2).

As the C&SD is processing a large amount of postal questionnaires already returned, census officers may still visit those households which return the completed postal questionnaires after the deadline (i.e. July 7) during the second phase of the data collection period (from July 16 to August 2). The C&SD would like to appeal to the households concerned for their understanding and ask them to inform the responsible census officers if they have already posted back the completed questionnaire.

Information on individual persons or households collected in the Census will be kept in strict confidence and used for statistical purposes only. The C&SD is legally prohibited from allowing access to such information by any government departments, organisations or unauthorised persons. All completed questionnaires will be destroyed within 12 months after the commencement of the Census.

Anyone seeking more information about the Census may call the Telephone Enquiry Centre at 2153 2011 or visit the Census website at The service hours of the Telephone Enquiry Centre are from 9am to 10.30pm, seven days a week till the end of the census period.


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