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17 September 2012

Interactive Data Dissemination Service for the 2011 Population Census launched

The Online Interactive Data Dissemination Service (IDDS) for the 2011 Population Census (11C) is launched by the Census & Statistics Department (C&SD) today (September 17) for use by the public free of charge.

The IDDS, which enables data users to build statistical tables in accordance with their own data specifications, can be accessed through the C&SD website ( or the website of the 2011 Population Census (

The 11C was conducted by the C&SD during July and August 2011. The results of the 11C have been disseminated in phases in various ways including statistical tables and publications which are available free of charge on the website of the 2011 Population Census. The IDDS is developed in order to facilitate users to obtain more detailed results of the 11C anytime and anywhere over the Internet.

Comparing to a similar service developed for the 2006 Population By-census, the currently launched IDDS provides a more user friendly interface to make table-building much easier and more user-friendly. In addition, the interactive feature is greatly enhanced so that data users can introduce an item on statistics or classification and view the updated statistical table concurrently. This ensures that data users can obtain statistical information which suits their own needs in a more timely manner.

After building a statistical table, users may perform customisation such as adding percentage figures, revising the classification grouping, filtering classification items or making comparison with similar results of the 2006 Population By-census and 2001 Population Census. In addition, users may view the results by charting and download the tailor-made statistical tables and charts for further treatment and analyses.

Enquiries about the IDDS can be directed to the 2011 Population Census Office of C&SD (Telephone: 2716 8025 or email: [email protected]).


Last revision date: 31 December 2012