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28 June 2012

2011 Population Census questionnaires destroyed

All questionnaires of the 2011 Population Census in both paper and electronic forms have been destroyed under the close supervision of staff of the Census and Statistics Department. In addition, the reference number and the detailed address information have been completely removed from all the computer data files with data now kept in anonymous form only for data dissemination and analysis purposes.

A spokesman for the department explained today (June 28) that as stipulated by law, all data on individual persons and households obtained from the 2011 Population Census had to be treated in strict confidence and all completed questionnaires containing such information had to be destroyed within one year after the commencement of Census operation (i.e. not later than June 29, 2012).

He stressed that at all stages of the Census operation, steps had been taken to ensure that the confidentiality of such data was strictly maintained. Questionnaires completed in the Census were destroyed in order to dispel any possible anxiety which the public might have over the use of data on individual persons and households for non-statistical purposes.

"Adequate measures have been taken to ensure that individual personal and household information cannot be deduced from the published results of the 2011 Population Census," he added.


Last revision date: 31 December 2012