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23 June 2011

2011 Population Census to Commence on 30 June 2011

The 2011 Population Census will be conducted from June 30 to August 2. The Commissioner for Census and Statistics, Mr Fung Hing-wang, announced at a press conference today (June 23) details of the Census operation.

The purpose of the Census is to obtain up-to-date benchmark information on the size and socio-economic characteristics of the population and its geographical distribution.

"Statistics compiled from the information collected in the Census are vital to government planning and policy formulation, particularly in such fields as education, housing, transport and medical and social services. The data is also important to the private sector in formulating business strategies," Mr Fung said.

The 2011 Population Census is conducted under the Census and Statistics (2011 Population Census) Order, which was enacted under Section 9 of the Census and Statistics Ordinance. Under this Ordinance, persons specified in the Order are obliged to provide the required information.

The entire population of Hong Kong, including the land population and the marine population, will be covered in the 2011 Population Census. Persons living in some special types of quarters, such as infirmaries, will also be covered.

The 2011 Population Census requires participation of all households in Hong Kong. About 10 per cent of the households have been selected through a random sampling procedure for detailed enquiry on a broad range of socio-economic characteristics of household members using a long-form questionnaire, while the remaining 90 per cent will be subject to a simple enumeration to provide some basic demographic information using a short-form questionnaire.

To tie in with the current lifestyle of Hong Kong people, a multi-modal data collection approach is being adopted for the first time in the 2011 Population Census. Data collection will be carried out from June 30 to August 2, with this 34-day Census period divided into two phases.

Mr Fung said, "In the first phase, households receiving a notification letter and selected to provide information using a long-form questionnaire may register for the use of the e-Questionnaire through the 2011 Population Census website ( by July 7 and then complete and submit the questionnaire online. In addition to the e-Questionnaire, households receiving a notification letter and selected to provide information using a short-form questionnaire may complete the enclosed postal questionnaire and return it to the Census and Statistics Department by July 7. Households which have registered for using the e-Questionnaire are requested to complete and submit the questionnaire as soon as possible, but in any case not later than July 15.

"For those households which are not in receipt of a notification letter and those households which have not provided information in the first phase, the Census and Statistics Department will arrange for Census officers to visit them in the second phase from July 16 to August 2," he added.

Household visits will normally be carried out from 1pm to 10pm each day during the second phase. During the visit, Census officers will wear a green Census uniform (with purple collar and with the words "Population Census" printed at the back) and a Census badge, carry a red satchel with the Census logo and identify themselves with a Census Officer Certificate of Identity issued by the Census and Statistics Department.

The Commissioner assured members of the public that strict measures would be implemented to ensure confidentiality of information supplied by households.

"Information on individual persons or households collected in the Census will be used for statistical purposes only. The Census and Statistics Department is legally prohibited from allowing access to this information by any government departments or organisations," Mr Fung said.

"Under the Census and Statistics Ordinance, it is an offence for Census officers to disclose data pertaining to individual persons or households to unauthorised persons. All completed questionnaires will be destroyed within 12 months of the commencement of the Census," he added.

The Commissioner appealed to members of the public for their co-operation and support. "I call on all the households to co-operate in providing accurate information, and other people to render any help which may facilitate the work of our Census officers."

Mr Fung shared with members of the public the Census slogan, "Support the Census - Build a Better Future". He expressed his gratitude to all the households for their co-operation and in particular their contributions in building a better future for Hong Kong.

Members of the public who would like to have more information about the Census may call the Telephone Enquiry Centre at 2153 2011 or visit the website at The Telephone Enquiry Centre is now in operation, providing enquiry services from 9am to 10.30pm seven days a week till the end of the Census period. Households may book an appointment for a face-to-face interview online or by phone starting from July 8. Households may call the Telephone Enquiry Centre if they wish to verify a Census officer's identity.

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