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District Profiles

For town planning purpose, the whole territory of Hong Kong is divided into 289 Tertiary Planning Units (TPUs) by the Planning Department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. These TPUs are aggregated under 52 Secondary Planning Units (SPUs) at the next higher level. The SPUs are further grouped under nine Primary Planning Units (PPUs) at the highest level. Each of the TPU is identified by a unique three-digit number. The first digit of a TPU number identifies the PPU code while the first and second digits together correspond to the SPU code. Owing to consideration of data precision, a TPU with less than 1000 persons is merged with adjacent TPU(s) for production of the fact sheet.

To view the individual fact sheets, first select the corresponding PPU code and then the TPU code.



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Last revision date: 20 December 2017